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uidFor Military and Aerospace applications, the UID barcode format has allowed more information stored in a smaller label. PMA offers fully anodized UID nameplates that are photo-imaged and sealed in the anodic layer.
Readings and ratings of this media are the highest in the industry. In-house verification reports may be supplied for C of C needs. Lasered UID’s are available in matte stainless steel for higher temperature applications.

For aerospace manufacturers with in-house laser equipment, PMA also offers a wide
range of sizes and shapes in black anodized as well as coated stainless steel.


u_sConventional linear barcodes are still very popular. PMA offers both anodized aluminum and etched stainless steel materials. Additional bar code languages are available in addition to human readable sequential numbering at no additional cost. Asset tags are generally for capital equipment. These are most often made in foil formats with or without sequential numbers and presented in die-cut strips for ease of application. Anodized aluminum asset tags are also available in color-coded finishes